• Gimbal Head SKW-I

    The Impetus SKW-I is a specialized tripod head of wide use. It is ideal for long, heavy telephoto lenses used in sports or bird/nature photography. Product Details
  • Lens Plates

    • ILP-95
    • ILP-130
    • ILP-160
    Arca-Swiss style quick release plates are customized to make mounting and unmounting of the camera easy and fast. Product Details
  • Sidekick Adapter

    SIDEKICK ADAPTER-CLAMP Sidekick adapter - head mount

    Sidekick adapter allows side reception of gimbal headcamera and lenses minimizing vibrations and increasing stability. It is easily and quickly installed using two screws. Sidekick adapter accepts Arca-Swiss style quick-release lens plates. The used lens must have a rotation collar.

    Sidekick adapter can be used to attach flash brackets to Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates or to hight ajustible platform.

  • Screws and Reducer Bushings

    SCREWS For adding more screws to your lens plates you can use our product IS ¼. The IMPETUS screw has hex socket head that is easily installed with hex key. The screw rests freely in the slot but doesn't fall out. BRASS REDUCER BUSHING - IRB If you need  to reduce thread of your lens feet from 3/8“ down to ¼“ you can use the IMPETUS Brass Reducer Bushing IRB to fastern your lens plates.
  • ActionCam Mount®

    IMPETUS PHOTO developed a completely new action camera mount prototype for mountainbike forks using high quality light-weight IMPETUS PHOTO components. The use of the IMPETUS side kick adapter and lens plate, resulted in a highly robust action camera mount for the use in extreme conditions. The images show the first prototype which underwent several test rides in the Alps throughout Europe. IMPETUS PHOTO is currently developing the second generation of the mount.

    Check out the videos recorded with the IMPETUS PHOTO ActionCam Mount® using a Contour ROAM2.